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Like the Passito di Moscato di Strevi, the Passito from Brachetto grapes is also a product to be safeguarded.

Our Passito is produced exclusively with Brachetto grapes from this small valley, which has always been recognized as the most suitable in the Strevi area for the production of aromatic grapes. The combination of a soil in which tuff predominates, excellent drainage, exposure to a particular microclimate, allows the achievement of high sugar concentrations, an always optimal acidity and alcohol content that give rise to a great passito wine, with a broad aroma of great persistence.

The drying of the Brachetto grape is made very difficult by the tight conformation of the bunches; furthermore, the particular aromatic notes of the Brachetto grape require particular attention in the refinement phases.

These careful care allow to obtain a wine with an extremely rich and elegant bouquet.




Moscato Passito from the Bagnario of Strevi Valley


Passito from Brachetto grapes


Passito from Brachetto grapes